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            Gandaknews.com is a digital newspaper with a commitment to provide accurate and timely news to the many thousands of its daily subscribers. We pride ourselves in delivering high-quality and engaging content across all news delivery platforms. In our news of creating quality, we have expanded our horizons into the whole Nepal. We are determined to keep our news portal independent and neutral and provide reliable information on multiple issues. We thank you for your kind patronage to our site and hope you keep coming back.

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Founder/Chief Editor: Ranjan Adhikari Chhetri

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Technical Head : Er. Rajan Baral 

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IT Officer : Er. Rajkiran Chhatkuli 

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reeyazPhotography: Sundar Timilsina (Reeyaz)

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Ashok SedhainCorrespondent : Ashok Sedhain (Japan)

E-mail : ashoksedhain@gmail.com

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Correspondent : Er. Surya Timilsina

E-mail : su77ray@gmail.com

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